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2.     William Arthur  and Carolyn Sorrell

2.     Gary Thompson and Lynne

2.     Clarice Henry  Clark and Charles

2.     Brownie Brady  Allen and Woody

2.     Kay Writted Schehl and    Mike

2.     Lonnie Castle and Diana

2.     Bill Leadingham and Nancy

2.     Avinell Senters Castle and David

1.     Shirley Blanton

2.     E. Lee Frailie and Sandra

2.     Jack Thompson and  wife

2.     Sally Gearheart Streets  and Jack

2.     Marvin Childers and Sherry 

2.     Sallie Dunn Bear and Husband

1.     Roger Thompson

2.     Gary Greene and Sandy

1.     Don Wade

2.     Ed Ratcliff and Sharon

2.     Judt Moles Thompson and Warren

1.     Wilma Brown

2      Donna Taylor Huber and Dick

1     Linda Pennington

​1     Karin Whitt Tackett

2.    Sonny and Francie  Martin

2.  Jimmie Lynn Cruse Berry and Bill

1.     Bill Clinger

​1.  Dr. Jerry  Ford

2.     Ron and Sandra Felty

2.     Linda Morse and Richard Cahal

​2.     Frances Young and Gary  Rambacher

​2.     Harold and Kandi  McKee

​1.     Cheryl Nunley Spears 

1.     Peggy Senters Blankenship

1.     Cheryl Nunley Spears

​2.     Janice Ferguson Seymour

​2.     William and  Sharon Hensley

​1.     Rose Marie Howard Trowbridge

1.     Peggy  Senters Blankenship

​2.     Dolores Beam  and Mike Conley

​2.     Jim Melvin and wife

​1.     Kaye Burscheit

2.     Anthony and Barbara Wheeler

​1.     Joe Stephenson

​1.     Cheryl Nunley Spears

​2.     Greer Litton Fox and Bruce

​1.     Russ Slone

​1.     Rosemary Evans

2.     Etta Jane Waterbury Hall  And John

​2.     Karen Rice  Ramirez and Ralph

1.     Judi Slone Cole

​2.     Mike Cimenilla

​2.     Woody and Nancy Church

2.  Mike Fields  and wife

​1.    John Shaw

1.    Elaine McLemore  Mullins

2.     Jim And Brenda Speaks