In 1962, you are going out on a date.  Yes, people did go out on dates at the time...You  went to the movies.

How much for the two of you?

Then you went to The Bluegrass for dinner.
You had a flying saucer
Your date had a twinberger
You had onions rings
Your date had french fries
You had a bubble up
Your date had a cherry coke
What was the total----------------------------------------

Wilma Brown won the prize(she comes to the next reunion Free)

The prices for The Bluegrass are in the 1962 football program.  I know all of you have one of those.

The answer in two weeks.


You Go Girl!!
You Go Girl!!

The Movies for two was $1.00 (50 cents each for students)

Flying Saucer  $.50

Twinberger     $.50
Onions rings   $.30
French Fries    $.25
Bubble UP       $.25
Cherry Coke   $ .30

Total  Dinner and a Movie    $3.10 (Those Were The Days)